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About us

About us

Velocity is built on four defining pillars Ideas, Innovation, People & Technology. Velocity proclaims a niche in the Indian Marketing and Distribution sector with its unique biz plans. If dreams are our passion – innovation is our mantra. As a firm we stir dynamism well-reflected in the wide spectrum of business services and products we offer, ranging from fast moving consumer goods, commodities and products involving the latest technology. We aspire to realize every dream – for our associates, stakeholders and above all our prime asset OUR PEOPLE.

From the last three years, velocity has dignified its moves and made its heartwarming presence felt in the Indian & International markets. Company’s present focuses is on extending its reach geographically and to establish a well-knit network which interfaces with the consumer needs and provides a seamless channel for flow of information manufacturer – consumer – manufacturer.

Velocity firmly believes in the dreams of its customers & investors. With the strength of dedicated personnel committed to need fulfillment, various customer-centric approach have been endeavored paving way for fresh soothing experience ‘Velocity – Approach’.

Bringing novel ideas to life has been our ardor and we envision being the Most Innovative & Professionally Managed and Largest Channel Distribution and Service Organization.

Steel is the most commonly used construction material in the world today since its invention. Steel is a demanding material to work with. Its attractive qualities such as strength-to-weight ratio, durability, elasticity, eco-friendliness, ability to be fabricated with great precision and plain aesthetic appeal have established steel as the integral structural component of virtually every sizable structure in existence.

The use of steel can lead to marvellous architectural & structural solutions in projects of any scale and style.

At velocity venture we have the ability in Designing & Detailing of Building and Non-Building Steel Structures. Our Structural designers are well qualified and trained to decipher the complexities of material capabilities, geometric design, and stress factors — both intended and actual — in determining the feasibility of a particular structural design.

Using modern structural design software tools, our structural engineers collaborate with our steel detailers to develop an economical design to create safe structures with desired aesthetics and function. We produce quality drawings translating design documents in to detailed fabrication instructions.

Many of our clients are Architects, Fabricators, Manufacturers and Exporters from Asia, Europe, Middle East and Africa and must satisfy the structural integrity in accordance with local regulations. Our designers are well conversant with various international Codes & Standards pertaining to steel design and detailing and are capable of providing design services to suit allmost any part of the world.

We collaborate with the project designers, understand the project specific preferences, clarify the available options and simplify the choices to meet the needs and expectations of the client with regard to time-frame, cost, quality, functionality, and sustainability. As an integrated Design and Detailing company, we focus on the engineering side & resolve all issues saving precious time and cost of our clients.

Velocity presently has diverse interests in:



Velocity venture offers you comprehensive support in efficiently fulfilling structural analysis and design services requirements. Our strength lies in our ability to serve you with greater precision and predictability. Your requirements, specifications, convenience and satisfaction decide our performance

Supply Chain

The Food processing industry has immense growth prospects and endless rising demand. The cashew industry is slated to clock US$ 70 Billion by the year 2015. Velocity aims to become a name synonymous with dynamism in this sector. Over the last three years, the firm is stimulated by the belief to provide finest products to consumers. We also have plans to move up the value chain and expand the basket of products we offer to our customers.


Velocity strives to add as much value to the agro commodities we trade through grading and processing. We endorse the policy that countries must add value to the agro commodities they produce, thereby earning additional incomes and foreign exchange while creating sustainable employment opportunities in the sector.

IT,BPO,Call Center services

The division is based in Pune the knowledge hub, we are a complete IT-services company providing full range of IT/BPO services to businesses all over the world. Our key areas of service are data entry, data conversion, catalog processing, image processing, website designing, OCR/Scanning and accounting services.