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Hybrid-Solar-Wind Powered System & Advantages

Solar-Wind hybrid streetlight is an intelligent, small scale and off-grid LED street light system. Composed of solar modules and wind turbine, PV deep cycle batteries, controller and a LED streetlight, this hybrid streetlight takes solar/wind as energy source and utilizes the energy for the lighting automatically during the night. The whole system is virtually maintenance free and there are NO daily running costs totally off-grid, totally free.

Advantages and Benefits

  • 24V charging/discharge system. Compared with the 12V, by adopting of 24V system, the charging/discharging current is small and less wire losses, improved the reliability of the system.
  • MPPT(max power point tracking) technology. The charging efficiency increased 6%~30% more.
  • Optimized PV gel battery. Our PV gel batteries are featured with low self-discharge, good consistence on deep discharge, long cyclic life and low floating charge voltage and current, free from erosion, pollution, gas escape and leakage. It is allowed to discharge deeply with wide temperature range from -40 to +60 .
  • Automatic light modulation by pre-setting function. Pre-setting function allows end user pre-sets different light output at different period of time.
  • Automatic Light modulation by monitoring capacity of battery. The controller can adjust output power to get longer operation time according to the actual capacity of battery.

Commercial Options for delivering street lighting projects

Commercial Options Design Installation Finance Operation Risk
Local Authority In-House Provision Local Authority Local Authority Local Authority Local Authority Local Authority
Design and Install Private sector partner Private sector partner Local Authority Local Authority Design and implementation risk with private sector but not operational risk
Outsourcing energy performance Contract Private sector partner Private sector partner Private sector partner Private sector partner Private sector partner guidelines a level of savings
Outsourcing Joint Venture Private sector partner Joint Venture Local Authority or Joint Venture partner Joint Venture Joint Venture
Outsourcing energy performance Contract Public Private Partnership Private sector partner Private sector partner Private sector partner Private sector partner

Public Private Partnership (PPPs)

Who does What? The Private sector designs, build, manages and finances the street lighting asset to achieve pre-agreed performance and availability targets.
When is it suitable This is suitable for schemes where:
  • The authority wants to enter into a longer term relationship of 20 years for the operation and maintenance of the street light asset
  • The authority wants to access private finance
  • The authority wants to access specific experience in programme management or technologt issues.
  • The project size is big enough (Possible capital costs above 20m)
Risk Allocation The PPP operator is considered to have all risks associated eith ownership of the assets i.e design, finance, maintenance, management. It is likely that the Authority will retain consumption risks as lenders will be unlikely to accept this risk.