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Core Management

Core Management

Velocity – Core Management And Team

An organization’s transformation into a world-class entity is the basis of efficient teamwork. Our Management at the top line favors the adept with over 30 years of experience in Innovation, Finance, Manufacturing, Operation, Marketing & Sales who envision Velocity to become a global ensemble. Ably assisted by a core team of creative personnel, the management provides a strategic direction to individual projects through systematic planning and well-programmed execution.

The group is led by V. V. Joshi an engineer by profession. we envision the bright future for velocity products in the Global markets. With 20 plus years of comprehensive experience in management, marketing and finance; his plan is to transform velocity into a brand, synonymous with high quality and perfection.

Marketing And Sales

It’s the execution which enriches the novelty of the idea and benchmarks sheer innovation. Every team member individually and collaboratively contributes towards comprehensive market research, market analysis, strategic planning, marketing and sales to deliver remarkable results and achieve sales in specific time duration. This team also ensures a pleasing experience for every customer at each level of interaction. Our true progress is powered by our people and as a TEAM, we spell SUCCESS.