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Scope of the project

Scope of the project

Scope of the Project

Complete an audit of your current street light inventory and light levels, this would include the following:

  • Every pole its location height and present situation ( working /not working etc )
  • The type of luminaire ( s) (cobra-head, decorative acorn, decorative teardrop etc.)
  • The lamp source and wattage of each luminaire.
  • Identification of responsibility for ownership and maintenance of each luminaire (city or utility).

Typical light levels and uniformity provided by each type of luminaire on each type of roadway. A lighting designer with roadway lighting experience or some street lighting manufacturers’ representatives will assist in the process.

If street lights are owned by an IOU, confirm that they offer LED tariffs and/or rebates. This will substantially impact the financial viability of the project.

Evaluate the internal resources of the city to determine whether you have the capacity for a complete street lighting retrofit program. Most cities have done their relighting projects in stages such as starting with lower wattage cobra-head products in areas with the greatest need for improved lighting. Also, unlike HID units, lower wattage LED lights are substantially lower cost than higher wattage units.

Because of the high initial cost, replacing decorative lights typically offer financial returns substantially lower than cobra-head units and consequently are often deferred to the later stages.

Business Opportunity

Cobalt is a 15 yr young company from India, we have installed bus shelters with advertising signs in many cities of India. Recently, we ventured into renewable energy and offer to install Hybrid wind solar street lights in various communities. The company would recover its cost by placing advertisements on these street poles.

Cobalt’s strategy offers a win-win solution to advertisers and the Municipal Authorities.

The company would install and maintain the street lights offering the community well lit streets. The power would be generated from natural sources – Wind and Sun Ensure continuous power supply ….. 24 x 7

Cobalt Offer – Start Phase

Cobalt proposes to offer the BOM ( Build Operate and Maintain) offer for the whole of Tema Municipal Area starting with the Hospital Road – from the Harbour Road till Indomie Round about.

  • Total of 200 lamps on both sides of the road
  • Existing poles on one side of the road would be utilised and lamps replaced with LED Lights.
  • Cobalt plan to utilise Hybrid Wind and solar energy to power the lamps.
  • Cobalt also will take the responsibility to maintain the lights and ensure they are working
  • Upon successful implementation and completion of the start phase , the plan is to have all street lights on major roads in the TEMA Municipal converted to LED and powered with Hybrid Wind and Solar Energy Ensure continuous power supply ….. 24 x 7