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Velocity – Design

Pre – Design

We provide Pre-Design details to Project Designers & Architects to develop a structural concept that integrates the architectural, aesthetic and functional requirements with the most appropriate structural system. We provide the project team with adequate structural information to allow the team to collectively formulate a structural approach that is best suited for the project. This approach will also minimize or delete steel detailing lead-time.

Bid Design

We provide an accurate preliminary design along with tentative component lists and preliminary drawings enabling contractors and fabricators get a leading edge in winning the project. We are committed to limit the variation in material quantity as low as (+/-) 2%.

Approval Design

We provide technically sound design data with utmost accuracy and time frame along with approval drawings as per the final data provided by our customer. The approval drawings will form the basis for final design and detailing of the project. The drawing approval by the client/Architect/consultant will ensure complete synchronisation with various agencies and avoid costly rework at fabrication and erection stage.

Detailed Design
Once the drawings are approved by the Client/Architect/Consultant, we carryout the detailed structural analysis, review and design. The design and drawings are prepared according to relevant Codes & Standards applicable to the project. Our structural drafting projects follow rigid quality control processes. We make sure that every detail of your foundations, floors, beams, roofs, slabs and staircases is accurately represented. Access to good technology tools increases our ability to deliver outputs speedily at minimum costs. The end result is you are ensured of both quality and cost efficiency even for the most problematical structural drawings projects. Give your slabs, beams, roofs, staircases and floors more precision and let your walls, funnels, bridges and towers reflect faultless engineering by outsourcing your structural drafting and design services to us. A brief on our structural drafting services include, among others, the following:
  • Foundation Plan Drawing with footing and column schedules
  • Shallow, deep and machine foundation drawings
  • Sheet Pile foundation drawings
  • Structural layouts with decking, joist for Reinforced Cement Concrete beam framing
  • Roof Truss and Joist details
  • Floor and Roof Framing Plan with detail sections
  • Pre-stressed structure drawings
  • Reinforced Cement Concrete Chimney with reinforcement details
  • Tendon profile with co-ordinate for Post Tensioned slabs
  • Reinforced Cement Concrete Joint And Slab Details
  • Staircase detailing
  • Special structures like Water Retaining tanks, Retaining wall, shell, decks, bulkheads, masts, funnels, bridges, transmission towers etc
  • Curved and planar structures of side
  • Bar Bending schedule of all Reinforced Cement Concrete structural elements as per relevant standards

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Contact Us and save up to 40%-60% of costs on your rebar detailing projects!! If you have any queries or feedback, click here.