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Shop Drawings

Shop Drawings

Velocity venture assists with shop drawings services for your pre-fabricated components. Clear, precise, with all the necessary information, we provide various shop drawings such as concrete shop drawings, rebar shop drawings, shop fabrication drawings, cad shop drawings and structural steel shop drawings that reflect quality and efficacy.

Our structural steel shop drawings address perfectly the appearance, performance and prescriptive descriptions in the construction document and specifications provided by you. You are guaranteed clear and complete shop drawings with all the required information for architects, engineers and the crew.

We have been providing fabrication shop drawings services for many years now. Our team is conversant with managing varied industry requirements in regions as diverse as the USA, Canada, Europe and Australia. Access to good technology tools combined with their extensive experience increases our professionals expertise in accomplishing the most complex tasks. We help you to streamline and efficiently organize the otherwise long and tedious process of shop drawings and review.

At Outsource structural design, every structural shop drawings project is undertaken keeping in mind maximum efficiency. This is one stage where delays would be most frustrating. Rely on our competence to meet all the trials that shop drawings present you. Our track record proves the key to our success – quality and cost efficiency in reduced time.

Our shop drawings services include…

We provide shop drawings services for a broad variety of components, including the following: structural steel components, elevators, trusses, pre-cast components, windows, appliances, cabinets, air handling units and millwork. We also offer you installation and coordination shop drawings for sheet metal ductwork, piping, plumbing, fire protection and electrical.