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Street Lighting

Street Lighting

Adding Street Lighting For Atmosphere Or Safety

Street lighting was brought in by the Lighting and Watching Act 1833, long before there were any cars on the road. It’s main purpose was to discourage crime, especially burglary and robbery, by depriving criminals of the cover of darkness. 

The purpose of street lighting is to assist drivers or pedestrians in finding their way in the dark. Photocells now turn most of them off and on according to the actual amount of available light, so we’ve come a long way since lamp lighter days.

Now we rely on high intensity discharge lamps. LED lighting is coming on strong for focused lighting situations, due to its energy efficiency.

To be safe for drivers, light needs to be relatively constant. We know our eyes adjust faster to going out into the sun than to walking into darkness. For awhile when we enter a dark room, our vision is impaired. Driving from a well-lit area to a dark one produces this effect.