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Supply Chain

Supply Chain

Velocity – Supply Chain Business Alliance

The Food processing industry has immense growth prospects and endless rising demand. The cashew industry is slated to clock US$ 70 Billion by the year 2015. Velocity aims to become a name synonymous with dynamism in this sector. Over the last three years, the firm is stimulated by the belief to provide finest products to consumers. We also have plans to move up the value chain and expand the basket of products we offer to our customers.

Velocity also has tie ups with leading QUALITY manufacturers of global repute. The focus is on providing products that meet Global standards and sustainability. Velocity presently is focusing processing cashew kernels and soon would start extracting CSNL from the shell.

Velocity has plans to enter into packaged foods, and is forming alliance with leading companies worldwide. Guided by a vision to expand geographically and vertically by adding value goods velocity aims to double its growth year over year in the coming 5 years.

  • Present alliance
  • Choice laboratories Limited
  • Vcare Chem Pvt Ltd.
  • Sushma Namkeen Pvt Ltd.
  • Uniq Hair Oils