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Values & Vision

Values & Vision

Velocity – Values And Vision

Values….. The ideas and beliefs we hold as special. Caring for others, for example, is a value; so is the freedom to express our opinions. Our values are preferred practices that inform the pursuit of our Business Direction. They sum up the philosophy that builds the culture driving our business growth. At velocity, we insist on honesty, integrity and organizational commitment. Over the years, this has earned us respect and the trust from all that matter. Velocity identifies itself with its people and value-systems and aims to be acknowledged to amongst the best in marketing and sales keeping ethics at the forefront. Velocity always seeks to attract and recruit the finest people. We build our organization from within, proactively promoting and rewarding people. We act on the conviction that the employees of velocity are our most important and trusted long-term assets. These ethics have been an integral part of the working of all velocity family members. They were conceived at the inception of the organization, but have been revisited and modified from time to time through the collective wisdom of our people. We believe in leadership, accountability, ownership, passion for hard work and perseverance as well as compassion and bonding with our customers.